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Most of Recregarden plants are subtropical, so I include the hardiness of each plant according to my own experience.
Recregarden is near Huelva, which is in the southwest of Spain. All the south of Huelva province is zone 10. The town of Huelva is zone 10b and the surroundings are zone 10a. So Recregarden is zone 10a. We have cool and humid winters and hot and dry summers. Falls are warmer than springs.
Recregarden is four years old and in this four years only three times we´ve had temperatures below 27º F. The average lowest temperatures are between 32ºF and 40ºF. In South Huelva frosts are uncommon and they are dry. Snow is virtually impossible. Only one time in the last 100 years: 16 inches in 1942.
According to this, I clasify Recregarden plants in:
FROST TENDER: they die or are very seriously damaged if temperatures are below 30ºF. (They are mainly strictly tropical plants)
HALF-HARDY: they survive but are damaged if temperatures are below 30ºF. (Mainly subtropical plants)
HARDY: no relevant damages when temperatures are below 30ºF. (Plants from zones with a similar climate to South Huelva)
VERY HARDY: they survive when temperatures are below 25º F.
Here in south Huelva frosts are uncommon and they are dry frosts.

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